Rustic Cake Recipe

Ingredients for the Cake

12 oz white wheat flour

1 tsp baking soda

1/2 cup water

1/3 Natural unsweetened peanut butter

1/3 Greek non fat plain yogurt

1/3 EVOO

1/4 Honey

1 egg

Coconut oil/evoo cooking spray

Ingredients for the Icing

1/3 cup Natural unsweetened Peanut butter

1/3 cup Greek non-fat plain yogurt

Cakes come in all shapes and sizes. Pick the size that works for your dog and the size of the dog party! I used a rectangular biscotti pan and cut it in half to create my layers.

Mix flour & baking soda. Mix everything else in a separate bowl and add to the dry mix. Mix until cake batter is moist and all the flour is absorbed. If your mix is looking a little dry you can add more water or if it's too moist add a little more flower. You can add mint, rosemary, culinary lavender, unsweetened coconut flakes, or carob chips to the mixture. The mixture should be a little sticky to the touch. Spray your pan with cooking spray and press the dough into the pan(s). Bake for :30 at 275 degrees.


For the icing. 

Mix peanut butter and yogurt in a bowl until icing consistency is reached! You can always addd a little more or less yogurt or peanut butter to your mixture. You can use JUST peanut butter or just yogurt but it just won't be as fluffy. 

You're ready to decorate!

If you need to cut your cake into layers or shapes like I did now is the time! Place the first layer on a cake stand and ice the top. Place the second layer on top and ice the top and sides of both layers. Decorate with herbs, unsweetened coconut, or culinary lavender. Keep in mind some flowers and eucalyptus can be poisonous to dogs.