Ice Cake How-To

DId you catch us on SA LIVE today? We made some yummy summer treats that will keep you pup cool during our long summer days!

If you are planning a backyard party or just a day gardening you can make this fun Ice Cake that will keep your pups cool and hydrated all day.

Step 1: 
Find a container. I used the every useful Ice Tea Bucket from Bill Miller!

Step 2: 
Decide what you want to put in your cake! You can use fruit, toys, chicken or beef stock, and peanut butter layers. As long as it's dog friendly it can go in! I started with blueberries - I added about 2 inches of water and a cup and a half of blueberries.

Step 3:
Put it in the freezer and let the cold air do it's thing! 

Step 4:
Once that layer froze I added in some toys and another three inches of water. Tip: the toys will most likely float so add just enough water to cover them half way so they are anchored in this layer of ice.

Step 5:
You can keep adding layers or just fill the remainder with water to fill it up. Leave it I the freezer for at least 24 hours.  

Step 6:
You can use a large charger, a large terracotta saucer, or even a cookie sheet to serve! Pick out a shady spot and leave it there for your pups to enjoy all day! 

Enjoy and tag us in any photos you share on Instagram @katiesjar
I love seeing what you make!