Neckerchief Pattern - No Sew!

It's Game Night! If you want to dress the whole family in Spurs attire but forgot the dog don't fret! Grab an old Spurs shirt and download our Neckerchief Pattern and grab a pair of scissors! 

It's simple!

  1. Print the pattern.
  2. Determine the best size and cut it out.
  3. Using straight pins, pin the pattern to your t-shirt. TIP: If your shirt has graphics on both sides cut the shirt in half before you cut and you will get two neckerchiefs! 
  4. Once you find the perfect placement, cut away! The ends of the tshirt will curl a little so you don't need to hem it. If you are a sewer you can add a hem but add a .25" to the pattern when you cut!
  5. Dress up the pup and cheer on the Spurs!!!