This Old Shirt

One of my favorite ways to reuse old T-Shirts is to make them into bandanas! Old college, your favorite team, or concert T-Shirts make fun and unique bandanas for your pup. Katie and I even have a matching T-Shirt & bandana set... I know we are so ready for Alumni Weekend!

 So when I needed to dress Katie in her best rodeo attire I looked through my b to my stash of old shirts to see if there was anything I could use.  I found a cute polkadot denim, perfect bandana for a beagle headed to the rodeo.

There was a lot of material left so I cut the arms off to make pull toys to donate to the local dog park. I cut thea beagle headed to a day on the  collar from the shirt and it looks super cute on Katie. It's a great little piece to use on dogs that don't like dressing up but give your pup a preppy look. The remainder of the fabric will go in the fabric pile to make some bow ties. 

If you want to make your own bandanas download the patterns here They are available in three sizes. Have fun creating!

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